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Vinyl Windows vs Aluminum Windows

Patio Room AdditionsVinyl Windows are high efficiency and will not swell, allowing for smoother
operating in any climate. It is nearly maintenance free and offers superior
insulation qualities while eliminating condensation common to aluminum.

Energy Efficent Vinyl Windows keep your room cooler in the summer and
warmer in the Winter, but also cut the outside noise by up to 50%.
Welded vinyl construction and mitered corners combined with continuous
weather  stripping will keep the heat in and the cold out.

·  4 Times Less Heat Gain - Warmer in Winter & Cooler in Summer
·  4 Times More Insulation than Our Closest Competitors Glass
·  5 Times Less Ultra Violet helps to prevent furniture and carpet damage
·  120 Years Rated Dual Glass Seal which with prevent mold problems
·  BTU Loss: Aluminum 1,100 BTU per Hour & Vinyl 1 BTU per hour.

Our Glass is 8 Times Stronger + 2 Times Clearer than Regular Glass

Our Glass is 10 Times More Scratch Resistant than competitors Acrylic
Lifetime Tempered Glass Guarantee and It is Virtually Indestructible

Our Patio Rooms Additiosn Vinyl Frames are made of Virgin Poly Vinyl Chloride with a UV coating, which give it a Lifetime warrantee against any discoloration or aging.

Aluminum transfer temperatures 1100 times Greater & Faster than Vinyl 
Framed windows that are internally supported by a T-6 aluminum structure.

Vinyl Clad Walls vs Aluminum Framed Walls

Patio Room AdditionsOur interior/exterior vinyl thermal barrier cladding 
stops heat and cold transfer.

9-times more thermal value than Aluminum 

7-times less likely to condensate than Aluminum 

Dramatically reduces the transfer of heat & cold.
Vinyl welded frames have no exposed fasteners

   We incorporate T6 Tempered Aluminum Frame & Vinyl Thermal Cladding

   Patio Room Addition windows have Double Cam Locking Security System

Patio Room Additions walls come with our Lifetime Factory warranty

Dual Glazed Vinyl windows have 4X more Insulation & 4X less Heat Gain
Vinyl Patio Room windows use a Double Cam Locking Security System

Our wall insulation is expanded polystyrene - the same material in Freezers.

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