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Gabled Patio Room Walls

Our vinyl patio room windows and doors are a welded construction. All headers and jambs are welded into a strong one-piece frame. One piece welded vinyl frame do not separate or loosenlike aluminum windows and doors, which are held together with screws.

Gabled Patio RoomsVinyl Patio Rooms have 9 times
more thermal value than Aluminum

Vinyl Patio Rooms are 7 times less likely to condensate than Aluminum

Vinyl Patio Rooms reduces the
transfer of  extreme heat and cold.

Vinyl Patio Rooms are piece welded construction - No exposed fasteners

We incorporate T6 Tempered Aluminum Frame & Vinyl Thermal Cladding

Vinyl Patio Room windows use a Double Cam Locking Security System

Vinyl Patio Room windows & walls come with a Lifetime Factory warranty

Dual Glazed Vinyl windows have 4X more Insulation & 4X less Heat Gain

Gabled Patio Room Roofs - Our Weather Guard Insulated Roof System 
for gabled patio rooms, features solid foam & aluminum construction for high
insulation values, attractiveness & patio room roof durability.

Gabled Patio RoomsGabled Patio Room Insulated
Roofs come in 3", 4" and 6"
Thicknesses with 4' widths.

Manufactured from R-15 up to
R-40 Insulation to help resist
the extreme heat and cold.

Gabled Patio Room roofs have optional gutters or our attractive side fascia system. 

Extremely durable aluminum surface ( interior white ) that won't corrode or rust

Patio Room Internal Roof Weep System & our Patented "Snap & Lock" System

Our roofs have a durable aluminum surface ( interior white ) won't corrode or rust

17' Projections @ 10 LL needs No post & beam support, Longer spans available

ICBO & California State Approvals make for easy, trouble free permitting pulling 

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