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Patio Room Enclosures 

Patio RoomsCalifornia patio room enclosures use floor to
ceiling structural mullions creating vertical mullions, making structurally stronger patio enclosures.

We've led the industry with patio room enclosure improvements with pre-cut parts, pre punched extrusions & cantilevered bottom tracks.

Dual insulated "A" rated glass tempered qualifies our patio room enclosure windows for industrial use [ highest grade of dual glass].

Our patented patio room enclosures electrical utility mullion system 
allows for outlets, switches, lights, phones, tv and internet cables.


Patio Rooms

Micro assembly of our patio room enclosure walls into modules helps
insure no corners are cut, creating quality patio room enclosures and
it helps make patio room enclosures Installations go quick & smooth.

Our patio room enclosure doors are standard heights and front entry
door widths allowing for maximum door clearance in all entry areas.
Patio room enclosure doors are available in 6' & 8' vinyl sliding doors,
3' pedestrian doors plus our double 3' French style entry doors.

Our patio room enclosure windows come with weather tight interlocks 
and have weather stripping to help eliminate blowing winds. Multi-level
window sills help to prevent water overflow even in heavy rain storms

Our patiented patio enclosure walls system prevents our enclosures
from leaking, using drainage channels in the patio room wall systems.
Patio room enclosure jambs are mitered at 45 degrees to assure the 
highest standard of quality not found in the typical butt joints.

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